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Will The #MeToo Movement Be Enough To Empower Women

(Retesh) Yesterday, we talked about how the notorious #MeToo movement started in the world, entered India and now is ready to enter the state of Punjab.

Black Sheep of This Business

The controversial troll and drama queen, Rakhi Sawant just like any other serious matter of the country, made fun of this movement and use this as just another publicly stunt for herself.

There are some other women of the industry too that started to drag the white name of #MeToo movement into the mud.

Almost all the big name of Bollywood industry kept a safe distance from their fierce movement, the Khans, Bachchans, Kapoors none of them talked about it.

Why not file a case against victim?

It has been a topic of much controversy ever since the movement started, that this movement is merely the first step to talk against the molestation.

Why a person who is posing allegation against another, doesn’t file legal case against, him? Under the lights of this argument one can say that, people are using this movement just to gain popularity.

But kudos to those people who are speaking out as it takes a lot of courage to collect the courage for speaking out the truth.

How many #MeToos Women need to Feel Safe?

The list is getting longer by each passing day, on which number of reported sexual harassment cases are written.

However, this problem is not limited only to the Bollywood and media industry . More than 38 percent of women in India have accepted and said they have face the problem of sexual harassment at their work places .

So, this question arises here that is this movement enough for women empowerment or how much #MeToo movements need to make women feel safe at their work place.

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