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woman laughed so loud

Woman Laughed So Hard That Left Her ..

A woman laughed so loud that she was left with her mouth stuck open.

We all have heard that laughter is the best medicine. But for this woman, it wasn’t the best medicine.

In a bizarre incident, a Chinese woman laughed so loud that she was left with her mouth stuck open.

Woman Left With Mouth Stuck Open After Laughing Loudly On Train

The incident happened on a train to Guangzhou South Railway Station in China’s Guangdong province, reports Guancha News.

Luckily, on the same train, there was a doctor, who helped her re-locate her jaw.

Doctor Luo Wensheng of Liwan Hospital responded to medical assistance’s appeal that was broadcast through the train’s carriages, reports Ladbible.

A woman laughed so hard on a train that she dislocated her jaw. Credit: Asia Wire

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“I rushed over and found the passenger unable to speak or close her mouth,” said Dr Wensheng.

“She was drooling, so I initially thought she had had a stroke,” added the doctor.

After asking her some questions, the doctor learned that the woman has actually dislocated her jaw.

In his first try, the doctor failed to reset her jaw but was successful in the second attempt.

We will probably never know what was so funny. Credit: Asia Wire

“I did it while she was distracted, and luckily it went back in place,” Dr Wensheng said, according to Ladbible.

Meanwhile, the unnamed passenger revealed that she had dislocated her jaw earlier while vomiting during her pregnancy.

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