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Woman Tries To Buy Car with Notes She Printed At Home, Arrested

While growing up, when we were not aware of the value of currency, our parents use to hand over fake notes to play.

After growing up, once a person dream of a treasure or some kind of magic to happen that we own a personal money printer to print money and spend it without any worries.

However, a grown-up woman from Germany did something kids just dream of.

The German women walked into a car dealership in the southwestern German city of Kaiserslautern to buy a car with currency notes she printed using an inkjet printer.

According to reports, when the dealership noticed the fake bills of €50 and €100 during payment, the employer said that the notes looked too forged that he asked her if she wanted to play Monopoly.

Instead of riding a car, she may have bought with those fake notes, the women ended up in police car.

After searching the 20-year-old woman’s home, the police found freshly printed ‘currency notes’ that amounted to €13,000.

According to Germany’s Federal Criminal Police (BKA), “imitating money with the intention of putting it on the market” is punishable by at least one year in prison.

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