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Women Faces 8 Years In Jail After Asking For ‘Last Kiss’ From Ex

A Spanish woman faces the prospect of eight years jail after she asked her ex-boyfriend for ‘one last kiss’. According to information, the women identified as Adaia Lopez Esteve from Barcelona had tore off her then-boyfriend’s tongue in June 2017 .   That may sound funny, but would have been a miserable experience for the man involved. The jilted young woman, did not stopped there, before running away, she spitted her boyfriends splitted tongue onto the floor. Local media said that Adaia met her boyfriend online in December 2016. Their relationship status was quite tumultuous and they broke up once in parted in February 2017 but then again reunited. However, just after four months, Adaia’s boyfriend decided to break up with her again. Esteve is said to have reacted aggressively to his decision and made many noises in the apartment. After some time when she returned to the apartment to apologize for her behavior, she allegedly hugged her boyfriend asking him for ‘one last kiss’. Taking advantage of that last kiss act, she ended up biting off his tongue, ripping it out of his mouth and spitting it onto the floor. Fortunately, a neighbor heard his screams and rushed him to the hospital. It is unclear when the trial will take place.  

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