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Women Swindles $50k In 17 Days By Begging Online

No one wants to be a beggar, but women in UAE wittingly begged and conned people by using social media platforms. A European woman in the UAE has been arrested for tricking by posing as a victim of a failed marriage who was trying to support her children. The woman was apprehended after she duped several people with her emotional posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Within a short period of time, the woman collected a huge amount of 50,000 USD dollars. However, the Dubai police official did not disclose the woman’s nationality or age. But the officials gave the details of this online ‘begging fraud’, Director of Criminal Investigation Department of the Dubai Police Brigadier Jamal Al Salem Al Jallaf, said, “She was telling people that she was divorced and supporting her children on her own. But her former husband reported her through (the) e-Crime platform and proved the children were living with him.” “The husband realized his children’s photos were being used for begging after several relatives and friends called to check with him. By defaming her children and harming their reputation, the woman managed to earn $50,000 in 17 days of begging on social media,” the officer said. Begging via online channels is a crime that is being dealt by the Dubai Police through the eCrime platform. Brigadier Al Jallaf urged people to not sympathise with beggars on the streets or on social media without any confirmation. Captain Abdullah Al Shehhi, Deputy Director of the Dubai Police’s cyber crime department, said begging via online channels is punishable in the country with imprisonment and/or a fine of between 250,000 to 50,000 dirhams (Approx. between 4 to 9 Lakh Indian Rupee).

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