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World’s Most Powerful Passports- UK & US Slips To No. 6

The Henley Passport Index 2019 has recently published the latest list of the world’s most powerful passports. Compiling the data provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the index ranking is based on how many countries a passport holder can enter visa-free or on a visa-on-arrival basis. The list uploaded on Henley Passport Index 2019 website shows that Japan and Singapore hold the world’s strongest passports. Securing the top position, each country offers visa-free access to 189 destinations.     Along with Finland and Germany, South Korea, which previously shared first place, now sits in second place on the index having Visa-free access to 187 destinations. Sharing the 6th spot with a visa-free/visa-on-arrival score of 183, The US and the UK each dropped to the lowest position they’ve held since 2010.         More 6th place holders are Canada, Greece, Norway, Belgium and Ireland. On the other hand, the Indian passport ranks at the 86th position with an access to 58 countries around the world without a prior visa. Countries like Mauritiana, Sao Tome and Principe also share the same spot with India. Including micro-states and territories, there were 199 passports and 227 tourist destinations that were featured in the index. Afghanistan sites at the bottom of the global mobility spectrum, with visa-free access to only 25 worldwide destinations.


  1. Japan, Singapore
  2. Germany, South Korea
  3. Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg
  4. France, Sweden, Spain
  5. Austria, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland
  6. Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom, United States
  7. Malta
  8. Czech Republic
  9. Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, Lithuania
  10. Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia.
Check out the list of other countries on:  https://www.henleypassportindex.com/passport

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